Iroko Ring and Jewelry Stand



Latest efforts. This is an enclosed ring stand made from Iroko wood and corian. The hat is made from layers of corian laminated and then bonded to the base at the end. The finished product stands about 6 inches tall and is about 3 inches in diameter. It has been made as a gift and is therefore not for sale. I am hoping however to start producing more in the new year. Please feel free to tell me what you think. Alternatively if you would like one similar, send me your details and I will get in touch. The price will be determined by the materials used, but should be around the 50 to 60 mark.


Christmas Craft Fare – 05/12 – Aylestone Business and Enterprise College, Hereford

The above Christmas fare will taking place during the evening at Ayelstone school, in Hereford.  I have attended for the last couple of years and always found it to be very well represented.  In addition to the stands selling everything from soaps and mistletoe to biscuits and hand made clothing, there are also raffles throughout the night as well as the school orchestra playing Christmas music.  Whether you are intending to pop along to pick up some Christmas presents, or are interested in having a stand, it is well worth considering.  If you are interested in speaking to someone about it, the website for the school is  The cost is minimal, and seller are asked to donate a small item for the big raffle at the end of the night.  Normally anything between 200 and 300 people can be there eager to buy!!

Christmas Craft Fare – 02/12 – Ross on Wye–

Please visit the link above to find out more about the Christmas craft fare which will be taking place in Ross On Wye,  Herefordshire on Sunday the 2nd of December at the market hall between 10 am and 4pm. There will be lots of different stands selling all manner of things.  In addition to this there will be a number shops selling food and other festive goodies.  Please come along and support local artists and pick up a unique Christmas body at the same time.

Grand Plan

This post is intended to give you,  the reader, an idea about what the Herefordshire Artists Consortium is and what it hopes to achieve. Furthermore it will provide links and information that you may find useful whether you are a producer or buyer.  If you are a producers, in the future, there may be opportunities to appear at Craft Fares hosted by the Herefordshire Artist’s Consortium in and around Herefordshire.  Should this prove successful, it is hoped that similar groups may be able to start up in neighbouring counties.

The Herefordshire Artists Consortium has been established with a view to bringing together artists and crafters from within the county.

There are a great many incredibly talented people who produce some truely wonderful things for sale at craft fares or through websites or indeed which are given away as gifts. What ever the reason, one thing is always true; that one can never have enough publicity or interest.  This is where the Herefordshire Artist’s Consortium comes in.  Shortly, there will be a webiste dedicated to small craft ventures based and or operated in the county.  This website will act as a portal for prospective buyers who can find information and links to various other sites including those belonging the individual crafters etc.  If there is no website, there will be an opportunity to leave pictures along with contact details to prevent any loss of sale. In order to increase the online presence of the Herefordshire Artist’s Consortium website, this blog has been created. Along with the Featured Artist interviews, craft fare information and links to other sites, it is hoped that the Herefordshire Artist’s Consortium will prove to be a very useful resource for any established or aspiring artist or crafter.

If you have comments or suggestions about how this site should develop, please do not hesitate to post a comment in response.  Also, please remember to ‘like’ this post.  The more followers, the more useful the Herefordshire Artist’s Consortium will be.

Featured Artists

In the coming months interviews with up and coming as well as established artists will appear here with pictures of their work as well as links to their websites and information on how their work can be purchased. As well as this there will also be information on craft fares that will be taking place in and around Hereford.

If your are an artist or crafter and would like the opportunity to be featured here, please email

Artist’s Galleries and Links

Herefordshire Artist's Consortium

A collection of pens from the 2011 range. All items are hand made by Purple Gate Crafts based in Bartestree, Herefordshire. For more information on these and others, go to Alternatively, you can see these and many more by going to Visit Herefordshire Ltd in King Street, Hereford

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